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MAT0012C Competency Exam Practice

MAT0024C Competency Exam Practice

MAT0024C Chapter Quizzes

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Joining Soccer Intramurals?


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Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Conference Sept. 17, 18, 2004






Do you want to get a hold of Mr. Groccia ????



Office:  Osceola Campus Building 2 Room 206

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Phone Number:  407-299-5000 ext. 4182



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When does Mr. Groccia have class???


Mr. Groccia's Class Schedule

Click on your section for a copy of the syllabus

CRS REF Type Date Time Room
Syllabus Class T R 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm 2-215
Intermediate Algebra        
Syllabus Class T R 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm 2-144
Intermediate Algebra        
Syllabus Class M W 10:30 am - 11:45 am 2-144
MAT0024C   R 11:00 am - 11:50 am 2-144
Elementary Algebra        
Syllabus Class T R 7:30 am - 8:50 am 2-144
MAT0012C Lab M 8:00 am - 8:50 am 2-144
Pre Algebra        


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Need more practice for the MAT0012C competency exam???



For MAT0012C Competency Exam Practice

Click on the links below:

Click here for an online version of the MAT0012C Comp Exam

Review Packet for MAT0012C Competency Exam (Questions 1-35)

List of skills on the exam

MAT0012C  Help Page

Free Computer Program for MAT0012C skills


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Need more practice for the MAT0024C competency exam???



For MAT0024C Competency Exam Practice

Choose the question you want to practice and then click on the form you want to try.  Each form has different questions.

Click here for MAT0024C Competency Exam Practice

Click here for an online version of the Competency Exam

Click here for a list of skills on the MAT0024C Competency Exam

Click here for general information on the MAT0024C Competency Exam

Competency Exam Questions related to Textbook

The textbook came with a GREAT CD!!!  It is filled with useful interactive activities.

Free Computer Program that teaches MAT0024C concepts

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Do you need math labs to help with what you are learning???


Math Labs

Just click on the lab you would like to complete

For more labs for MAT0012C and MAT0024C go to:

Valencia Developmental Mathematics Website

Text: Section 2.2, 2.6

Comp Exam #10

Competency Exam Word Problems I

Text: Section 2.2, 2.6

Comp Exam #10

Competency Exam Word Problems II

Text: Sect.  2.5

Comp Exam #8

Literal Equations

(Ex.:  Solve for t:  x - 4t = 10)

Text: Sect.  3.2,3.4

Comp Exam #30

Graphing Linear Equations

(Ex. Graph: y = -2x +3)

Text: Section 4.1, 4.2

Comp Exam #12, 13, 14

Simplify Exponential Expressions

(Ex.  Simplify:  (x^2 y^-2)^3)

Text: Section 4.5

Comp Exam #16

Polynomial Lab

(Ex. Add:  (2x + 3) + (5x-  4))

Text: Sect.  5.1,5.2,5.3,5.6

Comp Exam #19, 20,21, 22

Factoring (GCF, Grouping, Guess and Check)

 (Ex. Factor: 25xy+5x)

Text: Section 6.1

Comp Exam #23

Simplifying Rational Expressions

(Ex.:  Simplify: (2x + 4)/(x^2+3x+4))

Optional Linear Regression Lab

Using the Internet

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MAT0024C Chapter Quizzes

Click on which quiz you would like to take

The quizzes in blue are available. 

Quizzes will only be available at certain times.

Intro Quiz
Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 2 Quiz
Chapter 3 Quiz
Chapter 4 Quiz
Chapter 5 Quiz
Chapter 6 Quiz
Chapter 6/7 Quiz

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MAT0024C Sample Tests

Click on which sample test you would like to see

Chapters 1 and 2 Test
Answers 1/2 Test
Chapters 3 and 4 Test
Answers 3/4 Test
Chapters 5 and 6 Test
Answers 5/6 Test
Comp. Exam Test
Online Comp Test
Comp. Exam Practice ***(Scientific Notebook Required for this test only)


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Do you want to play soccer at Valencia Osceola Campus???



Valencia Osceola Campus has a soccer intramural team


Intramural Games are at 4 pm on Wednesdays in front of Building 2 on Osceola Campus during fall/spring semesters

All Valencia students are welcome to play!


If interested e-mail Mr. Groccia at:

We are also in the Central Florida Soccer league and the games are on Sundays

For information on the league and when and where the games are played click here or on the second picture

Click To Preview

Click here or on the trophy to the left to see a picture of the soccer team that placed 2nd in the tournament



Picture of the latest team

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Get to know your instructor

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Power Point Lessons

Click on the lesson you want
Graphing Linear Equations

More to come ....


Camtasia Videos
Description Videos
Graphing Linear Part 1 What is a linear equation?
Graphing Linear Part 2 Table of Values
Graphing Linear Part 3 X and Y Intercepts
Graphing Linear Part 4 Slope Intercept Form
Graphing Linear Part 5 Practice Problems
Video Showing Excel Linear Equations Linear Equations with Excel
Video Showing Excel Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equations with Excel
Scientific Notebook Explanation Scientific Notebook Explanation
Scientific Notebook Graphing Scientific Notebook Graphing
Digitizer- Finding Slope Digitizer- Finding Slope
Excel Spreadsheet Changeable Graphs (Excel Needed)
Excel Spreadsheet Changeable Graphs


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Links to other web page that may help:
Online Version of the MAT0024C Competency Exam

Activities for MAT0012C Pre Algebra and MAT0024C Beginning Algebra

Help with Linear Equations

Graphing Calculator Tutorials

TI 83 Graphing Calculator Great Tutorial

Web site for Linear Regression

Get some Algebra Help


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Tennessee Mathematics Conference

Colorado Mathematics Conference


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