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My birthplace was Ishpeming, Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula very near Lake Superior). The first 21 years of life were spent on the shores of Lake Michigan and Portage Lake (Lower Peninsula). The area is often referred to as God’s Country and it truly is. The woods are gorgeous and composed of many types of hardwood trees as well as conifers. Flora and fauna are diverse and wonderful. Natural springs and artesian wells are plentiful. Yup! Mom was a teacher! Dad was a small businessman. One Aunt was a teacher, my sister is a teacher. It is in the genes! The village is a resort area and population would increase from 500 to 1500 in the summer.

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Information about Mrs. Matthews
There were all of 34 real village students in my graduating class and it was great! It was a rather quiet life growing up with reading and bike riding to the beach. I was very active in High School (in good ways) and was a diligent student. Loved reading, cheerleading, clubs... etc... Central Michigan University was my undergraduate school of choice. Graduate work in Plant Pathology at Michigan State University was completed at the University of Illinois with a Master’s Degree in Biology. Married in 1971, I have three children, two grandsons and two grandpuppies. Two pups of my own are my best buddies, Duchess and Ginger (rescued 4 years
ago). I have been teaching for 19 years and it is what I do for fun!! Teaching at VCC for 11 years has been a great educational experience for me. My students have taught me so much!! While I enjoy walking, biking, reading prose and poetry, writing prose and poetry, eating, communicating, I really enjoy my peaceful quiet times also!! There it is in a nutshell!