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MAT0012C Pre Algebra Activities
Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Formulas for Science and Business

Graph Paper

1. Change Numbers to Word Phrases

2. Change Word Phrases to Numbers

3. Rounding Numbers

4. Place Value

5. Classify as Prime or Composite

6. Find the Prime Factorization

7. Evaluate using the Order of the Operations

8. Solving Equations by Addition or Subtraction

9. Solving Equations by Multiplication or Division

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1. Addition and Subtraction of Signed Numbers

2.Multiplication and Division of Signed Numbers

3. Order of Operations with Signed Numbers

4.Solving Equations involving Signed Numbers

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1. Translate into Algebraic Expressions

2. Simplifying and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

3. Solving Word Problems using Formulas

4. Solving Equations by simplifying expressions

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1. Improper Fractions

2. Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms

3. Reducing Fractions with Variables

4.Equivalent Fractions

5. Multiplying Fractions

6. Dividing Fractions

7. Least Common Denominator

8. Adding and Subtracting Fractions

9. Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers

10. Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

11. Order of Operations and Complex Fractions

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1. Rounding Decimals

2. Comparing Decimals

3. Adding and Subtracting Decimals

4. Multiplying Decimals

5. Dividing Decimals

6. Changing Decimals to Fractions

7. Changing Fractions to Decimals

8. Simplify Expressions with Square Roots

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1.  Plotting Points

2. Graphing Lines using Tables of Values

3. Graphing Lines using Intercepts

4. Multiplication Rules for Exponents

5. Classifying Polynomials

6. Adding Polynomials

7. Subtracting Polynomials

8. Multiplying Polynomials

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      1.  Percents, Decimals and Fractions

2. Calculating Percents

3. Simple Interest

4. Store Discount and Taxes

5. Percent of Increase or Decrease

6. Compound Interest

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1. Ratios

2. Unit Rates

3. Solving Proportions

4. State whether the ratios are proportional

5. Word Problems

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1. Perimeter

2. Circumference

3. Area of Quadrilaterals

4.Area of Circles

5. Volume of Prisms

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