Flower Lab  

Drawings to be submitted:

1. Draw a complete flower and label all the parts.  Include petals (corolla), sepals (calyx), peduncle (or pedicel), receptacle, and stamen(s)---with anther(s) and filaments(s), pistil---with stigma, style, ovary, and ovules.

2. Draw a section through an ovule, using a prepared slide.  Show the embryo sac, with its antipodals, synergids and egg, and the surrounding tissues.

3. Draw a portion of the cross section of a mature anther from a prepared slide.  Label pollen grains, tube nucleus and generative nucleus.

4. Label the life cycle of the flowering plant on the back.



The flowers of dicots tend to have their parts arranged in multiples of fours and fives, such as 5 sepals, five petals, ten stamens, and 5 carpels.  The flowers of monocots are based on multiples of three.


Make a exploded model of a dicot flower with labels...attach to paper.  Also do one of a monocot flower if there is one provided.