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Flowering Plant

Dominant generation





Vascular tissue (+/-)





Seed (+/-)






Fruit (+/-)






required for







Pollen grain +/-





Homosporous or











. Population A. Change in DNA of genes that can create genetic diversity.

Selection B. Individuals of one species living in the same geographical area

. Random mating C. Movement of individuals from one area to another

Migration D. No inbreeding or special selection of mates

. Mutation E. Favoring of the propagation of some chance variations over others.

T/F A population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium can only change due to mutation for future generations to still be in the H-W Equilibrium.

A population has 4000 individuals. The genotypes of the population are as follows:

{ AA } 40% { Aa } 40% { aa } 20%

______7 How many { A } genes are present in this gene pool?

______8. Gow many { a } genes are present in this gene pool?

______9. What is the % of { A } to { a }?

_____10. What is the frequency of the genotype { Aa } in this population.

What are the functions of rhizoids?

Are spores haploid or diploid? .

What process produces spores?

Clam Gills
What substance is being carried to the gills for disposal?
. What substance is the blood picking up in the gills? & wastes (D) mucus
List, in order of water direction, the structures of the water vascular system

Gram Staning Put into the correct order, list numbers on answersheet. correct order