Flowers ans EVEN

 2)  sporophyte-meiosis-gametophyte-gametes-fertilization-diploid zygote

 4) a small (reduced) sporophyte.

 6)  sepal.

 8)  stamen carpel

 10)  photosynthesis.

 12) It has both stamens and carpels.

 14) dioecious

16)  microsporocyte  

 18) meiosis-pollination-nuclear fusion-formation of embryo and endosperm

 20)  microsporocyte-meiosis-microspores-mitosis-two haploid cells per pollen grain

 22)  mitosis in male gametophytes

 24)  pollen grain

 26) three antipodal cells, two polar nuclei, one egg, and two synergids.

 28)  introduction of genes into a plant that prevent its seeds from maturing

 30) double fertilization

 32) the rejection of self cells.

 34)  It produces clones.

36)  form a seed coat

 38) mature ovary.

40) Both a diploid embryo and triploid endosperm are formed.

 42) proembryo and the cotyledons.

44)  radicle

 46) male gametophyte; embryo sac

 48)  ovaries.

 50) obtain a dependable water supply.

52) increasing crop yield.