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1010C Lecture Notes, Chapter Objectives, Worksheets and Lab Pictures

Fall 2019

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Updated: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Print out your Lecture notes, check review sheet answers, print out labs and read the objectives for each section---all HERE!!




Week of

Labs-to print

Lecture Notes-




Lab 1 

Intro/Lecture 1




Lab 2

Lecture 2


Chem. Objectives


Microscope Lab

Lecture 3


BioChem. Objectives


Microorganism  (Cell) Lab  **

Lecture 4  

Cell/Cell Membrane Objectives  

        Diffusion Labs (both)

Lecture 5

  Photosynthesis Objectives

Respiration Objectives

  Enzyme Lab 



Respiration Objectives

  Fingerprint Lab

Lecture 6


Mitosis/Meiosis Objectives



Lecture 7



DNA/RNA Objectives


Resp. Lab

Lecture 8


Genetics Objectives

  Mitosis lab  (karyotype lab at home


Lecture 9   Darwin Objective

Darwin Chap.


Face Lab 

Lecture 10-


   -Gattaca movie----karyotype lab due Lecture -11    


 exam review  


  Final exam (Chp. 12,13,14,15,16,17,20,22)