Barsch Learning Style Inventory

The Barsch Inventory is one of the quick assessments of your learning style. Try to answer the questions by basing your answers on your actual learning preference and not areas which you would like to have as strengths.

The inventory has 24 statements which are assigned values and these values are used in the scoring process. The selections, values, and descriptions are listed below. Three learning styles will be defined once the test is complete: Visual (sight), Auditory (sound), and Tactile/Kinesthetic (small/large motor movements).




Often True 5 Points This statement is often true of me.
Sometimes True 3 Points This statement is sometimes true of me (about half the time).
Seldom True 1 Point This statement is seldom true of me.


Barsch Learning Style Preference Form:
Read each statement carefully and select from the list the best answer.

Follow written directions better than oral directions.
Like to write things down or take notes for visual review.
Am skillful and enjoy developing and making graphs and charts.
Can understand and follow directions on maps.
Can better understand a news article by reading about than by listening to it on the radio.
Feel the best way to remember is to picture it in your head.
Grip objects in your hands during learning periods.
Obtain information on an interesting subject by reading related materials.
Can remember more about a subject through listening than reading.
Require explanations of graphs, diagrams, or visual directions.
Can tell if sounds match when presented with pairs of sounds.
Do better at academic subjects by listening to tapes and lectures.
Learn to spell better by repeating the letters out loud than by writing the word on paper.
Would rather listen to a good lecture or speech rather than read about the same material in a book.
Prefer listening to the news on the radio than reading about it in the newspaper.
Follow oral directions better than written ones.
Bear down extremely hard when writing.
Enjoy working with tools or working on models.
Remember best by writing things down several times.
Play with coins or keys in pockets.
Chew gum, snack, or smoke during studies.
Do a lot of gesturing, am well coordinated.
Am good at working and solving jigsaw puzzles and mazes.
Feel very comfortable touching others, hugging, handshaking, etc.



Your learning style scores are shown in the table below:




Close or tied scores may indicate your ability to learn comforatably from either learning style. Write the scores down or print this page. To find out more about your scores and how to use them, return to Learning Styles.