My name is Jeff Hogan and I am am the Functional IS Specialist assigned to both the Nursing and Allied Health programs at Valencia College's West Campus. I'm also an adjunct professor teaching Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology.

Some of my duties include working with Blackboard, AccuSQL, Sharepoint, Respondus, Par Score, Par Test and the simulations center for the nursing students. I also provide technology and network support for the Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Sonography, Cardiovascular Technology and E.M.T. programs. My office is located in the HSB building on the second floor in room 200D. My office extension is 5564. I have compiled a list of useful resources here.

One of the great things I get to do is work with the simulation center with the students. We use a simulation system provided by a company called Laerdal. We use products called Sim Man and Sim Baby.

In addition to the above I represent the Professional Staff Leadership Team for the West Campus. In the Summer of 2017 I have been granted a Sabbatical during which time I plan to focus on homesteading at my 2.5 acre home in Apopka, Florida.

I also am a certified teacher in the state of Florida holding certifications in:

Additionally I am certified as an Assistant Principal in K-12 (even though I really like it here in higher ed). Here is a Global Studies website I did in preparation for a high school course I was slated to teach.

On a personal level I'm a combat veteran and married to a wife I don't deserve with 4 wonderful kids. I used to take lots of pictures of various things. I also used to maintain a fairly extensive list of educational technology sites for elementary students. Don't press the Red button.

Despite all of my professional and personal accomplishments I am always eager to more solidify my purpose in life.




Last updated 20 March 2015