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Do we still need polar coordinates?  You should be concerned about the environment.

Bad YouTube Videos:

What you know about Math?

I will derive!

Test your skills at arithmetic 

You have two minutes to complete as many addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems as possible.  Remember, it is always better to have the number incorrect be zero than to just simply try to get through a large number of problems.  However, aim for at least 40 correct (or try to build up to it).  Have better than 60 correct?  Send an e-mail to me--I'd love to hear about it.

Word Find

Try to find all the names of the famous mathematicians hidden below.  Interested in who these people are?  Go here.  Or click here to see what some different cultures have contributed to mathematics..


Everybody loves a Rubik's Cube

And be sure to check out

And what's with this SOH CAH TOA thing?

How to use the Quadratic Formula