Introduction to Student Speech and Outline Collection

EDIEphoto.jpg During the fall 2007, fall and spring 2008, and spring 2009 terms, students were recruited to participate in the creation of a student speech and outline bank. The rationale for creating a speech collection was to select master models of various speech and outlines produced by Valencia students for the benefit of student learning in SPC1600, Fundamentals of Speech. The objective was to obtain a cross-section of speeches, organizational patterns and delivery methods to include: narrative, entertaining, informative, persuasive, and award (recognition and acceptance). Several speeches samples demonstrate the use of students using visual aids (PowerPoint, poster, and object).

All speeches, with the exception of 2 (Narrative Speech titled Coast Guard Rescue by Mike Green and the Award speech by Mike Green and Michelle Garrett), has an accompanying outline. Each speech and outline can be viewed by clicking on the page number located on the top tool bar. A list of speakers and topics arranged by speech category is presented below and represents the order of appearance. For example, the first category is Narrative Speeches, and the first speech is by Star Jimenez, the location is page 2.


Narrative Speeches

Page 2. Engagement by Star Jimenez

Page 3. Coast Guard Rescue by Mike Green (no text provided)

Speech to Entertain

Page 4. My Toe by Shannon Davis

Informative Speeches

Career Speech with Poster

Page 5. CDC by Christopher Parrett

Page 6. Army Reserves by Jeffrey Zerrer

Page 7. Today Show Host by Michelle Garrett

Informative Speech with PowerPoint

Page 8. Genocide in Sudan by Jessica Omowaiye

Page 9. Body Image by Felicia Coffel

Persuasive Speeches


Page 10. Crime by Carlos Colon

Page 11. Procrastination by Luzmary Pinnilla

Page 12. Illiteracy by Phillip Baucom

Page 13. Boys and Girls Club by Arielle Davis

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Page 14. Sustainable Agriculture by Allison Taylor

Page 15. Soldiers by Simon Lloyd (with PowerPoint)

Persuasive Sidedness

Page 16. Global Warming is a False Theory by Matthew Rollins

Page 17. Global Warming is Happening by Alexander Maymir-Ducharme

Award Speeches

Page 18. Award Speech by Michelle Garrett and Mike Green (with object, without text)

Page 19. Keep On Going by Star Jimenez and Jeffrey Zerrer (with object)