Belief vs. Fact

Often, people confuse belief with fact. Both involve some concept of the Truth, but belief does not really hint at whether something has been proven or not (or whether it even is provable). This is because "belief" is often related to another concept.

Faith: Unquestioning belief, trust, or confidence that does not require proof or evidence.

Having faith in something means no proof is required. This is often the case when it comes to religious views. In fact, the nature of religion is based on the fact that no proofs are required. This is because religion covers ideas and topics that are beyond the ability of human perceptions or understanding.

And though many people may say, "I take my religion as fact," that is not quite accurate.

Though archaeological facts may prove certain aspects of a religion, the larger questions about human existence after death, intended miracles, and intelligent design of the universe are beyond the sorts of investigative studies we normally associate with "proving" something. Religious concepts beyond the physical can only be taken on faith. And faith is only a weakness to someone who sees the physical world as more important (or more "real").

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