Denise E. Ross

Bachelor of Science & Master of Science

Computer Information Systems

My job as the Program Manager in STEM is to coordinate and assist in th implementation and supervision of day-to-day STEM activities at the Osceola and Lake Nona Campuses. I am the liaison between STEM students, faculty, learning support, student services and administration. I am here to help you.

I am located at the Osceola Campus and can be reached the following ways; my phone number is (321) 682-4818, e-mail address is, office number is 4-315 

If you are a current or future student that is enrolled in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) field at Valencia College, follow me on facebook and twitter to get the latest events and opportunities available at Osceola Campus.

Twitter: @STEMOsceola

Facebook: STEMOsceola. 

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